Lock From The Inside: Classroom Security

The classroom doors at Robb Elementary could not be locked from the inside. That’s a vulnerability school safety experts have been warning about for decades. What did CEO of DHI Cedric Calhoun have to say? Read the full story here.

In this widely circulated article by Suzy Khimm, Jon Schuppe, and Mike Hixenbaugh of NBC News, the topics of school security options amid the most recent shootings are discussed. Traditional classroom function locksets are no longer recommended as the preferred lock function for classroom doors, as locking the door requires the door to be opened and a key inserted in the outside lever. A universal change in specifications for classroom security standards is necessary to ensure that maximum security is available to every school for new challenges without compromising fire and life safety.

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Link to NBC News article https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/uvalde-classrooms-lacked-security-door-locks-rcna37358

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