Fire Door Inspection Checklist

On this post and video from the Steel Door Institute, learn about the main criteria that are confirmed during a fire door inspection.

  1. Labels are present and legible.
  2. No holes or breaks in the door or frame.
  3. Glazing and glass kit / glass beads are intact and securely fastened.
  4. Door, frame, and hardware are in proper working order.
  5. No missing or broken parts.
  6. Door clearances are within allowable limits.
  7. Door closer / spring hinges are operational and the door is self-closing.
  8. Coordinator ensures that the door leaves close in proper sequence.
  9. Door is self-latching in the closed position.
  10. Opening is not equipped with hardware that interferes with operation.
  11. No field modifications have been performed that void the label.
  12. Gasketing and edge seals, where required, are present, continuous, and of the proper type for a fire door.
  13. Signage on the door.

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