Close Before You Doze

Underwriter’s Laboratories website shows how during a fire, closing the door could have a potentially life-saving impact. With many resources, examples, and informative articles on the impact of closed doors on fire and life safety, it’s a must-view for everyone. Make sure the doors are closed!

Underwriters Laboratories is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the UL public safety mission of creating safer living and working environments for people everywhere through the discovery and application of scientific knowledge.

We conduct rigorous independent research and analyze safety data, convene experts worldwide to address risks, share knowledge through safety education and public outreach initiatives, and develop standards to guide the safe commercialization of evolving technologies. We foster communities of safety, from grassroots initiatives for neighborhoods to summits of world leaders.

Our organization employs collaborative and scientific approaches with partners and stakeholders to drive innovation and progress toward improving safety, security, and sustainability, ultimately enhancing societal well-being.

Over a decade of research conducted by UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) proved that a simple behavioral change, closing the door, could have a potentially life-saving impact during a fire. Spreading this crucial fire safety message to first responders and the public has become an essential part of advancing the UL mission, working for a safer world.

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