Select Hinges: The Five Most Common Types of Door Hinges

In this blog post by The Hinge Guys at Select Hinges, they discuss the options related to:

Do you need to replace a worn-out door hinge? Or are you writing hinge specs for the entryways in a new building or an addition? The easiest decision may be to go with the hinge design you are most familiar with, but that hinge may not be the one best suited for your entryway. It may cost you more money in maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Here are some tips on what to consider before making your final hinge selection.

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Our team at SELECT Products Limited spends a lot of time talking hinges. We’ve been making high-quality, architectural-grade aluminum geared continuous hinges for new construction and retrofit applications since 1990. More than a million SELECT hinges are hard at work on schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, airports, stadiums, storefronts, and other commercial and industrial buildings around the country.

As a result, we’ve seen a lot when it comes to entrances. Lots of products, lots of repairs, lots of different ways to solve entrance problems. We’re here to share what we’ve seen, what we’ve learned, and what you can do to save money, reduce repairs and make your building entrances more durable and more environmentally friendly. But the door swings both ways. We’d also love you to share and help others with your insights.

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