Upcoming Webinars 8/5/2020

List of upcoming webinars and learning opportunities for the security and safety industry.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Electrified Hardware for Access Control Systems and Security – Electrified and electronic hardware can enhance the security and safety of a facility if the hardware selections are made with the facility’s needs in mind. During this session, we’ll talk about the importance of asking questions of your clients to determine how they need openings to function given their access control and security requirements. We’ll have time to discuss some electrified and electronic hardware components commonly in use today and that can grow/adapt as your clients’ needs change. More Info: https://www.calendarwiz.com/calendars/popup.php?op=view&id=144476824&crd=allegion#

Basic Hardware: Keying, Locks, and Exit Devices – If you are new to the world of door hardware, this event is for you. Gordon Malczewski, our Schlage Training Manager, will address lock functions and their applications and the basics of panic and fire exit hardware. He will introduce you to key systems. More Info: https://www.calendarwiz.com/calendars/popup.php?op=view&id=144477277&crd=allegion#

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Basic Electrified Hardware Overview – The purpose of this webinar to provide the basic fundamentals of electrified door hardware. We will discuss the technology available, frequently used terminology, commonly available components, and codes that drive the use of electrified hardware. More Info: https://dormakabalearning.webex.com/webappng/sites/dormakabalearning/meeting/home

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